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Career in Railways: Hyderabad | Career In Indian Railway After Graduation/12th


Many of the cities in India have started to see development and expansion at a rapid pace. No longer are Mumbai and Delhi the only popular metro cities. Hyderabad is one of those cities that has refused to stop in its developmental tracks (literally) with new railway lines proposed to be constructed in 2018.

Career in Railways – Hyderabad

career in railways

With the increase in IT companies and large profile job opportunities in Hyderabad, the population has sufficiently increased with more migrants coming in from all over the country, creating further demand for infrastructure that can support the movement of those people who have come to this city looking for a bright future.

Starting from 2018, the Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) has begun operations to build new metro lines, parking lots and bus bays for a 30 km stretch from the Hyderabad IT corridor to the International Airport. Those who work in these locations leave their vehicles at the metro parking lot, commute back and forth by the metro train to work and go back home with their parked vehicles.

The present space available for parking and the number of railway lines is not enough to keep up with the expansion that Hyderabad is facing. Now is a fantastic opportunity for young graduates to look for a steady job in the railway sector to be a part of the projects to expand the railway infrastructure in the city.

With requirements for high tech machinery and equipment that can create and maintain a solid infrastructure, the demand for highly skilled, smart working engineers have also gone up. Aspiring students can study engineering from some of the best engineering colleges in Hyderabad like BITS Pilani, CVR, ICFAI just to mention a few. These students can focus on acquiring the right skill sets, writing the railway exams and ensuring a secured job in the Railways sector.

Of course, the further addition to the railways will require not only engineers but also non-technical workers to do jobs like handling traffic, station master, enquiry/reception clerk, goods guard, groundskeeper, etc. To get hired in non-technical jobs, one has to write the RRB NTPC 2018 exam.

Career In Indian Railway After Graduation/12th

RRB NTPC is an exam conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board for Non-Technical Posts. The vacancies presently available for non-technical posts is over 90000 and it covers all the various jobs that fall under the non-technical category. With more vacancies comes a higher chance of being selected into the Railways sector for the preferred post. RRBs are present all over India and it has a branch in Secunderabad. For those who want to write the RRB NTPC exam, there are centres available in Hyderabad.

The Hyderabad Government has established a whole railway station at Begumpet with just women workers, including the driver (Loco Pilot). Working at the Railways is not restricted to men and Hyderabad has shown the way to equal employment and no female aspirant should shy away from applying for the RRB exams.

This year has been a good start for the railways in Hyderabad and it will only get better from here. If you are someone who wants a Government job that will give you stability, a reasonable salary and a career that you can show off with pride, go ahead and apply for the RRB exams and give it all you have, there’s nothing you can lose.

–Ranjani Chandrasekaran

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